New to Rockfest this year is the Responsible Climber Series

Are you noticing the same things we’re noticing?  Lots and lots of climbers.  The landing zones are changing.  The crags are changing.  The parking lots are changing.  It’s all happening all around us. 

In a lot of ways, growth feels really exciting.  More climbers mean larger constituency, and land managers tend to take larger groups of users more seriously.  Collectively, we are more powerful advocates as our community grows. 

In a lot of other ways, though, growth comes with challenges.  The size of our community can have a profound impact on the environment.  Our culture feels like it’s changing too; we start to lose that exclusive and novel relationship that we used to have with the sport.  If more and more people become climbers, climbing might even start to seem trendy.

The Responsible Climber Series is designed to draw our attention to some techniques, tools, and strategies that enable our growing community to sustain our enjoyment of the sport, the resource, and climbing culture.

Our 5-part clinic series will be provided at no cost to participants, and we’re giving away raffle tickets to motivate you to attend.  If you’re bringing a new climber to the Rockfest, bring them to the series.  If you spend time with new climbers, come by and align your message with national education campaigns.  Clinics are designed to be informative, engaging, rewarding, and fun.

Take responsibility for yourselves
Take responsibility for our culture
Take responsibility for your National Forest
Take responsibility for the rock
Take responsibility for access

There is no need to register or sign up… just show up at the AAC booth with an appetite to learn.

**Lecture Details**

Take responsibility for yourselves. 9am-10:45pm

Co-hosted by Black Diamond and the American Alpine Club, this 2 hour clinic will cover some of the most misunderstood and misapplied technical systems in rock climbing.  Black Diamond’s commitment to producing excellent equipment notwithstanding, there are some techniques that every climber should understand or order to stay safe at the crag.  The clinic will briefly cover belaying, anchoring, and anchor cleaning, with plenty of BD gear to demo and tinker.

Take responsibility for our culture.  11am-11:45am

Hosted by the Education Director of the American Alpine Club, this 45min clinic will be an interactive activity designed to convey the history of climbing in Leavenworth, from early mountaineers, to traditional climbing, to today’s excitement for bouldering and sport climbing.  You fit into this story somewhere, and at the end of this clinic you’ll understand where you are and where you want to go next.

Take responsibility for your National Forests.  12pm-12:45pm

Co-hosted by local USFS Ranger Adam Greenstreet and Zach Winters (Climbing Crew Lead on the Methow Ranger District), this 45 minute clinic will provide an overview of the Climbing Ranger Programs and land management on the Wenatchee River and Methow Ranger Districts, as well as providing from-the-source directives on everything from falcon closures, establishing new routes, and how to stay off the USFS naughty list.

Take responsibility for the rock 1pm-1:45pm

Hosted by a local geologist, the 45 minute clinic will explore how Leavenworth rock got here, some of its unique physical characteristics, and how each climber can play a role in preserving texture, integrity, and natural beauty.

Take responsibility for access 2pm-2:45pm

Hosted by the Access Fund’s National Access Director & Northwest Regional Director, Joe Sambataro, this 45 minute clinic will cover key ideas of The Pact, and every attendee will have a chance to join The Pact. 

Open Topic Q&A 3pm-until…

The assembled hosts will be available for an open ended Q&A session on any technical, stewardship, access, or natural phenomenon.

  All proceeds of the event benefit the Leavenworth Mountain Associations effort to strengthen their community through climbing.

All proceeds of the event benefit the
Leavenworth Mountain Associations effort to strengthen their community through climbing.